NaadUK Releases supplemental Guidance – Return To Work – Maximise your Ventilation System Performance

NAADUK COVID19 – Return To Work – Maximise your Ventilation System Performance 12 11 2020 2


In addition to our previous Covid-19 Guidance publication, there is a requirement for building owners
and managers to maximise the ventilation in the workplace to reduce the transmission of Covid-19.
For the benefit of our members and all building managers, we are issuing this specific guidance to
provide a better understanding of the role of both the requirements and benefits of maintaining
ventilation systems in a clean condition.
This guidance is supplementary to all government guidelines in relation to social distancing, hand
washing, essential travel and staying at home, etc.
The scope is relevant to all types of commercial and public buildings such as offices, factories, schools
and hotels where normal social transmission is possible. Hospitals and healthcare facilities in particular
will benefit from the service due to the higher risk of contact with Covid-19 and the specialised work
procedures required