John Cousins, NAADK’s Auditing Executive, has written an excellent article on the              “Importance Of Hospital Ventilation Hygiene” for the IFHE Digest 2023.

The National Association of Air Duct Specialists UK (NAADUK) is an association for qualified ventilation ductwork maintenance technicians. 

NAADUK hold a register of qualified Technicians to enable the public or clients to find a reputable and competent technician.

NAADUK’s register of qualified technicians have all undertaken training in one or more of the following courses and to the following standards:

Kitchen Extract – EC 852:2004 & LPS 2084

Ductwork Cleaning – BS EN 15780: 2011 & LPS 2084

Fire & Smoke Damper Inspecting & Testing – BS 9999 & Regulatory Fire Reform Act 2005

All members been taught by an Accredited Training provider in the UK.

NAADUK’s objective is to improve industry standards in ventilation hygiene and facilitating inter communications between the group.

NAADUK hold regular meetings ensuring that discussions are up to date, with topics focusing around Indoor Air Quality, fire safety improvement and the importance of cleaning techniques and maintenance.

 NAADUK’s vision for the future and champion for:

Collaboration between other organisations, associations and manufacturers.

Competency and standard of cleaning to current regulations and standards.

Improving technology and methodology.

Investigating and improving best practice.

Improving the health of the nation within the working environment – improving IAQ

Raising awareness for Ventilation Hygiene and relevant regulations to the general public, building owners, companies and clients.

Payment methods

  • Stripe – Online card payments


NAADUK is an Affiliate Member of IHEEM The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management


NAADUK is approved by the IFATE(Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education) for the Employer Directory to support EQA.


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