Any members of NAADUK breaching following code will be suspended until an investigation by the president and the committee is completed. Upon a fair decision any of the following actions will be taken:

  • Member will be receive a verbal/written warningMember will be reminded about the section(s) of this code of conduct where breach was a matter of the case.
  • Member will be suspended for a time periodMember will not be able to access to some parts of membership website and use benefits for the period of suspension.
  • Member will be expelledMembership will be deactivated immediately and all access to membership area will cease. Member will be required to remove all NAADUK logo and designatory letters from their website and editorial material. Re-application for membership will not be considered.

Code of Conduct

  • conduct professional business operations and NAADUK Membership in line with this code and within the law at all times
  • conduct to uphold the reputation of the NAADUK and fellow members with dignity as a whole
  • cooperate fully with any investigation upon any alleged breach of this code
  • continually uphold the professional standard of business operations and improve the standard of practice in such a manner which does not damage the good reputation of NAADUK and fellow members
  • deal in good faith, fairly and helpfully with clients, employer, employees, suppliers and other members of NAADUK
  • not to claim to any qualification that has not been achieved
  • not to share any confidential information of association and fellow members acquired in the course of membership
  • not to share any confidential information of clients with any third party
  • not to discriminate between clients, employers, employees, suppliers or other members of NAADUK

Terms and conditions

  • Failure to meet the training criteria will result in a refund of your membership fee minus admin fees at 1.5%
  • Registered Full Members as a business owner will have full Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance. Trainee or Associate members operating as employees must be covered by employers Insurance Policies.
  • Membership is only for the registered person only.  Individuals working for a firm must be registered separately.
  • Members must read ‘Code of Conduct’ and strive continually to go in line with all sections mentioned. Any alleged breach of code will be dealt fairly by NAADUK president and committee.
  • Members can only use NAADUK logo, designatory letters, NAADUK ID card during active membership.
  • NAADUK has right to list your membership details on Directory section of website unless stated otherwise.
  • If your membership is cancelled, no refund shall be issued.


During your registration and membership NAADUK collects and stores personal information about members. Although this information is not shared or sold to any third party directly, NAADUK has a Members’ Directory page on the main website. We list your information here…

  • to show your potential customers that you belong and fully supported by a professional association.
  • to show your potential customers importance of hiring a registered service provider.
  • to network with other members and related business providers.
  • to prove to strength of NAADUK supporting members and membership


Our Commitment to your Privacy

NAADUK Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your visit to our website is completely secure.


If you have any questions or problems with any aspect of our privacy policy or its implementation, please contact our privacy officer or the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Security of your Personal Information

To maintain the security of your information, we use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol with 128-bit or higher encryption strength to transmit sensitive information. This is the same technology used in transmitting sensitive information by banks, governments, and online businesses.


Once the information is in our system, it is accessible to authorised NAADUK Ltd personnel only. We strictly enforce our privacy policies with our employees and any breach of this policy will result in termination and the pressing of criminal charges where there are grounds.


How we use your Personal Information

Your personal information will be used in order to provide you with the requested products and services. For example, downloading NAAD21.  This includes the use of information for communicating back to you.


We may also use personal information in a manner that does not identify you specifically nor allow you to be contacted but does identify certain criteria about our Site’s users in general (such as we may inform third parties about the number of registered users, number of unique visitors, and the pages most frequently browsed).


Who we share your Personal Information with

We will NOT sell, trade or rent your name or personal information to anyone else. We DO NOT sell, trade, rent or provide outside access to our mailing list at all.


NAADUK Ltd will not release your personal information to authorities unless required by law, search warrant, court order, subpoena, or fraud investigation.


Except as otherwise stated in this policy, NAADUK Ltd will share your information with third parties only to the extent necessary to provide the services and products requested by you. All such third parties are prohibited from using your personal information except to provide these services and they are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information.


Collection of your Personal Information

NAADUK Ltd only saves such personal information that is necessary for you to access and use our services. This personal information includes, but is not limited to, first and last name, email address, phone number.  NAADUK Ltd will delete personal information in accordance with its decisions or internal policies.


Document Preparation and Privacy of Information

The information you provide when you download a document on our website is held strictly confidential. For your protection provide a valid email address that will not block email from NAADUK Ltd