NAADUK hold first meeting in Falcon Foodservice Equipment Ltd – Scotland

Friday 16th November

Ventilation cleaning industry experts from National Association of Air Duct Specialists UK (NAADUK) were invited to Falcon Foodservice Equipment Ltd in Scotland to hold not only their first meeting in the Scottish Division, chaired by Naaduk’s Scottish representative Simone Hart-Sibbald, but also to have a factory tour of the manufacturing and testing of their equipment.

It was a great opportunity for Scottish representatives to converse with those from England who they’ve not had the opportunity to meet before, particularly the London Fire Brigade and the Scottish Fire Brigade representatives.

The main focus was on Fire Dampers and EC 852 (2004) in which great ideas and views were put forward for discussion.

Naaduk continues to strive to improve the IAQ and educate building occupiers and building owners on industry standards and reducing fire risks.

Our most sincere thanks goes to Falcon Foodservice Equipment Ltd for allowing us to host a meeting in their premises and use their facilities.