2nd Review of NaadUK’s COVID 19 Guidance October 2020

NAADUK COVID19 Guidance Review 2


COVID-19 Guidance for Ventilation Hygiene
2nd Review October 2020
For the further benefit of our members and all building managers, we are issuing this second guidance
to provide a better understanding of the role of ventilation systems in the current Covid 19 pandemic.
The guidance concentrates on the airborne transmission route only as it relates heavily to ventilation
systems. This has recently taken more prominence as more Associations worldwide acknowledge the
importance of utilizing the standards of air conditioning to improve conditions within buildings.
This guidance is supplementary to all government guidelines in relation to social distancing, hand
washing, essential travel and staying at home, etc.
The scope is limited to commercial and public buildings such as offices, factories, schools and hotels
where normal social transmission is possible. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are excluded due to
the higher risk of contact with Covid-19 and the specialised work procedures required