The president of industry organisation the National Association of Air Duct Specialists (NAADUK) has been honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Peter Reid was recognised for his long career in the ductwork and air hygiene industry and his work with NAADUK which he, chairman Jonathan Brennan and other experts in the field set up in a bid to improve trade standards.

He was presented with the honour which rewards “outstanding commitment and passion for the industry” at the ninth annual HVR (Heating and Ventilation Review) Awards in London.

Reid said: “I am absolutely delighted and honoured to receive this award, which came as an absolute surprise.

“The secret had been kept from me by my colleagues for many months beforehand. I believe our industry in the UK is truly leading the way in indoor air quality standards and I am still delighted every day to be involved in it.”

Reid runs Overclean Ltd – a national company dedicated to cleaning ductwork and the first in the UK to achieve ISO9001 in Air Hygiene Management and the new LPS 2084 standard set by insurance companies.

He also delivers training courses for air hygiene technicians through AEME Ltd which he founded in 1997.

Over the years, he has also developed machinery and equipment specific for cleaning ventilation systems.

The award comes as NAADUK gears up for its inaugural Scottish meeting next Friday November 16 which will be attended by Reid and Brennan.

The gathering is being hosted by Scottish entrepreneur Simone Hart Sibbald who is vice-chair of NAADUK and has been mentored and encouraged by Reid throughout her career in the duct-cleaning industry.

Hart Sibbald, who is also MD of Stirling firm Perfect Service Solutions, said: “I am delighted to see Peter recognised with this Lifetime Achievement Award.

“There is no one more deserving of the honour for the dedication and commitment he provides and the hard work he puts in to ensure standards in the duct-cleaning industry are continually improving.

“I have known Peter for 5 years and during that time he has given freely of his time and knowledge in helping me improve and build my understanding and technical competency in a niche but growing industry.

“Peter has supported and encouraged not only me but members of my team. He cares about people and that is evident in his desire to keep industry standards high, teach and raise awareness.

“He is not driven by his own commercial interests, something more drives him and it’s a pleasure to work with someone who has those values.”

The first Scottish NAADUK meeting takes place in Stirling with representatives from a variety of organisations including London Fire Brigade, the National Health Service, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers as well as executives from Scottish catering and duct cleaning companies.

The intention is to further the aims of NAADUK in Scotland by working pan-industry to improve standards of maintenance and accessibility around grease extract systems and indoor air systems.

NAADUK was established in 2014 and holds the first register for qualified trained duct cleaners who have been taught by an accredited training provider in the UK.