Fire Damper Testing & Inspection

What are Fire Dampers?


The British Standard 9999:2008 ‘Code of Practice for Fire Safety in the Design, Management & Use of Buildings’ defines a Fire Damper as a: “Mechanical device that is operated automatically or manually and is designed to prevent the passage of fire and, together with its frame, is capable of meeting the fire resistance criterion for integrity for a stated period of time”.

Dampers are typically held open by some form of  ‘fusible link’. In the event of a rise in temperature, the fire damper closes. Basically the fusible link separates at temperatures higher than a 72°C, this then allows springs  and gravity to close the damper blades and thus seal the ductwork stopping the spread of the fire.

There are regulations that specifically relate to how fire dampers should be maintained and tested between one and two years, depending on whether the building is a public building and/or in use 24/7.

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