Covid-19 Guidance for Ventilation Cleaning


NAADUK (National Association of Air Duct Specialist UK) has issued guidance to their members and all building managers. This guidance is to provide a better understanding of the role of ventilation systems in the current Covid-19 pandemic. The advice concentrates on the airborne transmission route only as it relates heavily to ventilation systems.

This guidance is supplementary to all government guidelines in relation to social distancing, hand washing, essential travel and staying at home, etc.

The scope is limited to commercial and public buildings such as offices, factories, schools, and hotels where normal social transmission is possible. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are excluded due to the higher risk of contact with Covid-19 and the specialised work procedures required

Due to the limited information on Covid-19 or Cov2, information from Sars1 is used.

This assumes the virus can stay active for up to 3 hours in indoor air and can stay active for 2-3 days on room surfaces at common room temperatures. Airborne viruses have caused infection in the past and Sars1 and is likely to be similar to Covid-19, but as of yet, not documented.

The recent report of swabs taken by exhaust vents in a room occupied by infected patients, implies that a 1-2 metre distance might not be enough to prevent the transmission of the virus. Toilet extract grilles have tested positive for Covid-19.

Increasing ventilation (fresh air) is proven to be beneficial in the removal of infectious virus and particles and reducing the risk of transmission.

Peter Reid, President of NAADUK, says “It is important at this unprecedented time to give our members and building owners clear guidance on the importance of cleaning ventilation systems. It is paramount that we keep occupied areas with fresh and clean air to avoid contamination within indoor spaces.”

To download the document, please click on the link below.

NAADUK COVID-19 Guidance for Ventilation Systems